Are you ready for The Cloud?

We've migrated a number of companies to our Cloud, and have found many of our clients weren't quite as ready for The Cloud as they first thought they were.

No worries; getting our clients ready is part of our job!

But, we thought it would be helpful to share our approach and some of our lessons learned so you can be as ready as you can.  In this guide you will learn:

  1. Why focussing on servers to be migrated to the Cloud is sub-optimal.
  2. How to take an application- and user-centric approach to planning your Cloud migration.
  3. That Cloud forces a significant rethink of your Disaster Recovery plans.
  4. That incorporating RPO/RTO into your planning is a great way to prioritize and manage expectations.

Our guide does have a little  tech-talk in it, but it is written as much for the non-technical C-Level executive as it is for senior engineering staff.

Look, even in-place upgrades are fraught with risk; Cloud migrations amplify that risk.  Our guide won't give you six-pack abs or whiter teeth, but it will help you start to get ready for a migration to the Cloud, with the least amount of risk and disruption practicable.  All you need to do is fill out the form and we'll email you a link to download the Guide.