How Do You Know You Haven't Been Compromised?

Enterprise-grade firewalls these days are very smart and have all kinds of protections against bad guys coming in to your network through the front door

Consequently, the majority of recent exploits have come from phishing and other attacks that started behind the corporate firewall.  Many of these APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) are barely noticeable; they sit around quietly not doing any immediate damage but sniff the network continuously for login credentials and other sensitive data that is then quietly leaked out to The Evil Mothership.  More malicious ransomware code just encrypts your network drives and requires a credit card ransom payment to unlock the data.  If you don't pay promptly, your company's data is destroyed.

Tragically, traditional Endpoint/Anti-Virus software doesn't always detect APTs, nor see that ransomware is active on the network, taking an inventory of all of your network file shares in preparation for encrypting them.

Whether you've recently had a formal third-party security audit or not, combating these kinds of threats requires you to Level Up with our Managed Security Services offering.

Reliable Networks' Managed Security Services offering not only sniffs your network continuously looking for dubious activity and company policy violations (like unauthorized Skype usage), it also:

  • Simplifies compliance reporting in various industries (e.g HIPAA, PCI, etc.).
  • Automates asset and application discovery and vulnerability assessments.
  • Performs automated log collection, correlation and analysis - including real-time alerting.
  • Provides a rich SIEM for incident response and event management.


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Take care and be safe!