How Prepared Is Your Prospective Hosting Partner?

Hosting mission-critical Zimbra email systems is not easy; Zimbra is a complex beast and it's sad to say that many of our Zimbra hosting clients came to us because their legacy Zimbra systems had "issues".

The current owner of Zimbra, Synacor, likes to tout their long, multi-year history of Zimbra hosting, starting with Zimbra 4.0.6.  FWIW, our longest running Zimbra hosting farm has been around since 4.0.3.

We participate in the community both as a moderator in the Forums as well as a member of the Zeta Alliance.

During the past decade that we have been using and hosting Zimbra, we've learned a few things about Zimbra hosting as you might image, so we've tried to consolidate some of that into five questions you should ask your prospective Zimbra Hosting Partner.

Look, if email isn't mission-critical for you, then you won't benefit from our high levels of client service, system redundancy/resiliency/security/performance. You may not even need to download our five questions, frankly.

But if email is mission-critical for your company, then go right ahead and register to download our Questions. We'll send you an email with a link from which to download the PDF directly.